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Information and Advice for Swimming Galas

This information has been put together to help parents & swimmers understand and prepare for the various swimming events they will be involved in. The events have been broken down into categories with specifics for each. There is also a page Swimmers Q & A's for Galas which contains general information that applies to most Swimming events.

General advice

Swimmers who have not yet reached their ninth birthday are only (under ASA rules) able to participate in Internal events. However it is important to get on the first 'rung' with an officially-recorded personal best (PB) time. An ideal opportunity for this is at the Club's internal events such as the Club Championships.

There are ASA competitive award standards (see Swimmers QA's) for your swimmer to work towards regardless of their age.

As a general rule, young swimmers start by competing over 25m and 50m distances, the 200m and 100m IM distances are then added. At 10 years the 400m events are added and generally only once you are 11 (girls) or 12 (boys) can you compete over 100m distances. The club will usually try to put your swimmer in a relay race for their first experience of a Gala competition - this helps to control the inevitable 'first race nerves'.

For most events there are no heats or finals, just races (Heat Declared Winners or HDW). Swimmers race against swimmers with similar qualifying times but not necessarily the same age. The times are then recorded for each race and the winner is the quickest swimmer in that age group.
Disqualifications are inevitable especially for the younger swimmer and for the more technical strokes. Your swimmer will be disappointed but should be praised for their race effort. In the long run it is better for them to be disqualified in the early stages of their career as they will quickly learn to be competitive. They will have plenty of other opportunities to race again!

Please see the following pages for more information on different types of Events.
    Club Champs / Internal Galas
    These will only have EDSC swimmers in the event and notification will be posted on the website under club diary/galas.
    Open Meets
    These are hosted by swimming clubs and will include swimmers from many clubs.
    League Galas
    Swimmers will be selected by the club to swim in these and will be told which event they will be swimming once they have arrived at poolside.
    ASA Championships
    These include events such as Surreys, South East Regionals (SER) and Nationals. These have qualifying times which can be found on the relevant web sites.